Lest we forget

Early Stage 1 / Stage 1

Students identify a local war memorial and design a collaborative class tribute to the First World War heroes in their community.

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We will remember

Stage 2

Students produce a creative response to a wartime artefact (eg poem, story, letter, photo, medal or any other primary source) that could be incorporated into an Anzac Day or Remembrance Day ceremony.

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Another side

Stage 3

Students produce a short factual documentary showing the contribution and experiences of groups other than soldiers at the warfront during the First World War. This could include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, migrants, children, women or animals.

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The Gallipoli strategy

Stage 4

Based on a hypothetical scenario, students create a presentation that outlines the geographical features of the Gallipoli Peninsula, including topography, climate and landscape, to inform the defence forces about the expected conditions on arrival.

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From the Western Front

Stage 5

Using primary sources, students create a short news bulletin on any battle in France or Belgium in which Australians fought during the First World War.

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